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Nicole S
Nicole S

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Don't worry, I've not given up!

Hi guys!!

I've just finished my first week of the Front-End Web Development bootcamp. Some of you weren't lying when you said it's fast paced but I have definitely learned a lot!

I took loads of notes during the pre-work leading up to the course starting, as well as during the classes so have created a series to touch up on everything, refresh my memory and hopefully teach anyone that's in the same boat as me and is just figuring it all out.

As always feel free to comment with tips and advice :)

Sit tight!

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Rez the Dev

Remember every day take about 30 mins and practice, practice and practice what you learned that week.

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Michael Synan

You got this!

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Manish Mehra

@nicole__ It will be frustrating for the first few months. Once you cross this threshold, things will start to make sense. So be patient and don't be hard on yourself. And don't stop posting.

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Tristan Elliott

Keep on keeping on!!!

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Anita Olsen

Congratulations on finishing your first week! Keep it up!