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I just recently talked about this in a podcast episode. Current dev culture tends to gravitate towards this "code is life" dogma, but the truth is it all depends on your seniority, your priorities and ambitions, your social circle, your current job, among a thousand of other things. The "Code is life" mantra is rather dangerous especially for junior developers who are getting into the industry and will think that's the standard for all devs, eventually leading a big part to a major burnout.

I was coding non-stop from 2013 to 2017 and I got burnt out so badly that I didn't want to know of anything tech-related for an entire year. After some time I was able to find other hobbies and was able to balance my work-life balance a bit better which led me to feel enthusiastic about front-end development again. Heck, I was even tinkering with new libraries and frameworks just for fun!

My personal opinion is that if you have the time, the discipline and/or the need to code outside of work, do it. Are you passionate enough that you crave to type lines of code after work hours? Then do it. But if you're doing it just because of culture/peer pressure, keep in mind you can always learn or be up-to-date by taking 30 minutes or 1 hour a day.

Knowing that your family/partner is a priority won't make you a crappy developer. Satisfying your need to explore a new activity outside of work, or your need to just relax and watch some crappy Netflix show, won't make you a crappy developer. You're already putting 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, into improving your craft, that's more than enough.

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