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Very interesting article, thanks.
I think is worth pointing out, like you do at the beginning of your post, that Vision is really important, but that is not a substitution for having a business that is doing well. We kind of started by having a vision and mission, but we now realise that those might be a bit too lofty and not grounded enough. We need to grow our business, and strategy is what we need most.
I think is good to have an idea of what your vision is from early on. But realise that it might chance as your business grows and changes.


Hi Nico, I appreciate you commenting first as that means a lot. You are correct that a vision is tough without really identifying what your business strategy and goals are. I don't think a BHAG (vision) should be a set statement that is forever. It can be a temporary goal. If you are 3 months into your business, maybe a BHAG can be a 2 year goal. Change the vision statement as your product evolves. If you've been in business for 10 years, then your vision should be set for 10 years down the road as you should be quite established with your strategic direction.

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