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Generate your core application with JHipster.NET

JHipster is a well-known platform for generating modern application in java world.

JHipster provides a blueprints system that allows to override default behavior of the generator


JHipster.NET is a blueprint that overrides the back-end part, originally generated in spring boot, by back-end in core. For the front-end all the common language can be used (angular, react)

Generate your first application :

Installation of the blueprint

npm install -g generator-jhipster-dotnetcore

Call the generator

jhipster --blueprints dotnetcore

After running this command you have few questions to answer, as Application name, authentication mode, client framework etc
Once it's done, you can build and run your application.

dotnet run --verbosity normal --project ./src/YourAppName/YourAppName.csproj

Your first application is ready and you can now use it with default user like JHipster (admin admin or user user)

Ok now you have an application but without entity.
JHipster allow you to add entity with cli or with jdl file (add link)
JHipster.NET have the same behavior.

jhipster entity <entity-name>

Or with jdl

jhipster import-jdl my_file.jdl

You can edit jdl with

You have now an application with CRUD operations on each new entities with potentially link between entities (one-to-one, many-to-one or many-to-many)

Default configurations are availables in the generated project. As an example, a docker compose file is generated with monitoring solutions (influxdb telegraf and chronograf or grafana)

The repository :
Sample project :

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