What do you wish you were better at?

Nick Taylor (he/him) on August 27, 2018

I'm sure all of us wish we were better at certain things regardless of where we are in our careers. What do you wish you knew better? Post your ans... [Read Full]
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I want to learn open source skills. (The programming language is not a problem for me.) My performance in the open source community does not satisfy me. I hope to find an experienced tutor.


I really wish I was hardworking. I've realised that throughout my school life, everything about me (from friendships to test scores) has been let down due to my lack of hard work. I do good work when I'm working with someone or being pressured to stay engaged, but going solo leads to procrastination.

I think I haven't yet learned to control myself completely, no matter how much I want to. I am also relatively new to Software Engineering and would love to pursue it with friends.


I have pretty bad soft skills and can be quite anxious at times when talking to people. Working on it though.


The ability to stick through a project/idea all the way to the end. I have trouble where I'll come up with a decent idea for a project, get all fired up about it and then eventually fizzle out when the next idea pops up.

Writing cleaner CSS/SCSS. I always start out with the best of intentions, splitting code into stubs _header.scss, "using" BEM (sort of), etc. but by about the middle of any given project it feels like I'm overriding a lot of stuff that I shouldn't. Or I'll have something that needs to get modified, but the changes wouldn't really fit in any of the files I already have, but isn't really worth putting into it's own file, so I end up just sticking it somewhere and that doesn't feel great.

Managing git better. Looking through my commit history, a lot of them are just "stuff" "wtf" "lots of shit" etc. I pretty much only work by myself so my repos are mostly just used as offsite backups.


I think it's not matter choosing languages in Software Field. I guess we have to adapt everything according to project. What important thing for me is how to solve every single problems. and I guess it can't be same each and others what do we love in languages. As for me, I do found in Design and development, I do passion in #javascript, #html, #css, #ReactJs, #Nodejs ...


Math & UI design πŸ˜‚
Also, I think that my social/soft skills can be a lot better (damn you social anxiety).


I am learning ReactJS currently and would like to build some web apps using it so I'd appreciate a help with React.
My skills of front-end development are kinda good so if there's someone who would like to team up with me and building some projects, that will be awesome too :)


Maths and social skills. I addressed a 50 year old calling him "bro". A 50 year old man who controls my salary is not the right person to call "bro" especially in India. Also, I got 33/100 in school. That is 1 mark close to fail.


Writing thread-safe code. For how long I've been working with Java and Android, I should really know how to safely work with threads by now.


Multi-threading is a known hornet's nest. That's one reason people find pure or linearly typed languages interesting.


UI development.

My stuff just doesn't look "pretty".

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