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Looking for C# Open Source Projects for a 1st Time Contributor

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) Updated on ・1 min read

Hey awesome devs at DEV. I have an acquaintance that is looking at getting into open source via a C# project. Any recommendations for projects that have good first issues, documentation updates etc.?

I've been out of the .NET landscape since 2016, so I'm a bit out of the loop in regards to all the open source stuff happening in the .NET ecosystem.

Maybe @turnerj or @integerman have some ideas?

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Hi @nick and everyone,

You may find project yuniql (yuu-nee-kel) interesting.

Github repo: github.com/rdagumampan/yuniql
First-timer-friendly issues: github.com/rdagumampan/yuniql/issues
Documentation: yuniql.io/docs/

It's a .Net Core project and I am at a very early stage so any help could make difference :).
Feel free to poke me.


You can check out the nuke.build project. They have some issues marked for first timers... Or you can check out the site up-for-grabs. They aggregate projects on GitHub, that contain issues marked for first timers.


Going to tag @turnerj and @integerman as we don't have notifications for tags in posts AFAIK :-)

Also @kspeakman might know something!


It might be a bit self-serving but I have a DEV API client in C# that could do with additional API surfaces, improving the readme with links to the DEV API docs or even some intellisense docs that describe what the APIs do. Unfortunately I don't have any issues created about where to start but if this project sounds interesting for someone, happy to create some and walk through changes etc.

EDIT: Though after this post from Ben, I might need to rename/refactor the library to "forem-dotnet".


Just wanted to chime back here - I've had two super awesome people help out already on the library with both adding new APIs and refactoring to reference Forem.

The power of communities and open source is awesome!


I have a component library for Blazor that could get some help for github.com/stsrki/Blazorise


Writing Discord bots is the way to go!

GitHub: github.com/discord-net/Discord.Net
Documentation: docs.stillu.cc/index.html

Introduces you to DI, ASP.NET styled command library, bit of audio with FFMPEG or Lavalink + Victoria and sweet introduction to System.Threading.Tasks and there are several open source bots which can be used as a starting point.


This is exactly what I've been asking myself these days too. Seems like all the projects I find interesting are in javascript or python 😝 Thanks for posting Nick!


There are couple of projects. But I think NopCommerce is a good one


Puppeteer-Sharp has many issues on this project github.com/hardkoded/puppeteer-sha... :)


Try with Wox. It's an app similar to spotlight from macOS. It's pretty easy to start working on and it uses various APIs.