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JavaScript or Frontend centric conference to attend in 2020?

Nick Taylor (he/him)
Lead software engineer at Forem. Caught the live coding bug on Twitch at
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The only conference I’ve ever attended was JBCN in 2016 for Java when I worked in Barcelona because my company at the time was a sponsor.‪

I’ve never been to a JavaScript or frontend centric conference before. If you were to pick one to attend, regardless of location and cost, which one would you choose?‬

Morphius asking Neo to choose the red or blue pill

P.S. I’m also a fan of React, so the conference could be React centric.

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Janez Kolar

Here you go, probably 2 best sites to check :)

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Mary Vorontsov

Yeah, I got some suggestions for you.
GitNation has an amazing set of conferences throughout Europe.

JS Nation Amsterdam
React Summit Amsterdam
React Advanced London
React Day Berlin

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Julio Lozovei

In Brazil we'll have the BrazilJS Conf - the biggest JS conf in the universe - probably in august

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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela)

aonde vai ser?

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Julio Lozovei

Geralmente a Conf é em Porto Alegre; e durante o ano agora tem as edições "On the Road" - tem em Manaus, Curitiba, São Paulo... No site tem mais informações ->

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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela)


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Brian Rinaldi

I'm running one here in Orlando in February that has some really exciting speakers like Kyle Simpson and Estelle Weyl and is very affordable.

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Emilia Muresan

Open-Source Community Event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Spotlights for 2020:

The past and future of JavaScript and the Web ecosystem
The impact of technology in society
The hardships of the day-by-day activities at tech companies

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Nick Taylor (he/him) Author

As a snowboarder, this conference looks interesting. 🏂

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Ryan Wood

I highly recommend I went this year and it was an absolute blast. So many great speakers and great people in the Frontend space. All in all a really great time

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Pachi 🪐 (she/her/ela)

This year I went to Codeland in NYC and it was great!

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Jeremi Anastaziak

Take a look at

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David Pich • Edited

I'm a bit biased but would give JSCAMP and CSSCAMP a try if you want to visit Barcelona next summer!