GitHub draft PRs are here!

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Gone or soon to be gone are the days of creating a PR and marking it as WIP or DON'T MERGE!

For galentine's, GitHub has given us Draft PRs

Happy Galentine's

I think it's great. What are your thoughts on draft PRs?

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A great thing about this is that you can set them up so that they don't ping the reviewers until the PR is ready:

Also, if you have a CODEOWNERS file in your repository, a draft pull request will suppress notifications to those reviewers until it is marked as ready for review.



Seems interesting; my group tends to do something like mark a PR as incomplete with a WIP in the title so this could be a more "formal" version of that.


That's currently what we do, too. We use that together with the WIP Probot. Maybe we'll switch to drafts though?


I'd expect that, yeah. Drafts seem to fit with that workflow.


I like it, but I do not understand why you should even open a pull request before you are ready to merge changes.


ooh, I have lots of thoughts on this! 😃

I like to do it as a way to get feedback on code before it's ready.

I'll open a draft PR, then my teammates can comment on specific lines of code. The entire discussion stays in one thread.

For larger changes, I've also used it as a way to communicate progress. I'll open a draft PR, and then write out a check list showing what's done and what isn't. Then anyone following along is able to see where I'm at with the project. 😃


I see - you mean if you have some changes you want to be reviewed but you do not want it to be merged because you aren't done yet.


That's pretty rad! I didn't know they were working on this.


I have been waiting for this!!! I have never been a fan of WIP PRs bc I think they can distract from those PRs that actually need to get merged and pushed out.


Is there any way to change normal PR to draft PR after creating the PR?


Not yet. See this thread.


Hasn't gitlab supported this for a while now? IIRC it actually has a checkbox for WIP pull requests and warns you before trying to merge one, lets you filter by WIP, etc.


It has. There's a checkbox that adds WIP: to the PR title and prevent merging it until you remove it from the title.


Nice to see more gitlab features coming to github ;P


Hmm I actually prefer the way Gitlab does it ... (If WIP is in the name, automatically consider it Draft)
You cannot convert normal PR yet... It's rather hard to notice the option itself ...

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