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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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Do you stream on Twitch, YouTube or elsewhere?

Learning in public is not a new concept, but in the past few years, folks like Shawn Wang have really popularized it.

Learning in public can take many forms, including streaming. If you stream to learn by interviewing folks or live code, go ahead and let everyone know where they can find you in the comments below!

Note: If you're curious about streaming, I have a series that might interest you.

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Nick Taylor • Edited

I stream on Twitch at and post streams to my YouTube channel. I stream on Wednesdays at 5 pm UTC.

Come by and say hi sometime!

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Peter Witham • Edited

I'll check your stream out, thanks for sharing.

I stream on Twitch exclusively for my Apple platform development ( due to their affiliate agreement. Then after 24 hours I will often kick the video over to YouTube.

I do also have a second stream that is not restricted that I do stream out to YouTube, Twitch, Twitter thanks to That one I use for everything else like gaming/any other development.

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Alex Patterson • Edited

Occasionally :D has all of it, but you can find us on YouTube, Spotify and Twitch

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Thomas Bnt ☕

Sometimes I stream on Twitch, most of my streams are on games like Overwatch or Minecraft, alone or with friends 😄

Last year I did a stream to participate in Hacktoberfest while developing in live. It was the only time, maybe do more on the web dev 🤔

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Dustin Brett • Edited

I mostly stream because I prefer the "one and done" approach to making videos for my channel. Quite a few of my videos have been about the making of my side project daedalOS (Demo: I have a lot of fun doing the streams. For anyone interested, thanks for checking it out.

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Leonardo Montini

I started posting regularly on YouTube a couple months ago and I'm enjoying it a lot, talking about Open Source.
(actually last year, for a few weeks, I posted about Game Dev :D)

I'd like to start live streaming at some point, hopefully soon, so thank you for your advices!

The plan is to remain on one platform, so I think I'll try directly streaming on YouTube... wish me luck :D

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Nick Taylor

Amy Poehler being cool

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Emanuele Bartolesi

I will stream on twitch again after a long break:


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Mia Moore

I stream on Twitch, currently working my way through the free Class Central/ JavaScript bootcamp!

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Brian Clark 💡

Yessir I stream on Twitch weekly at 12:30pm ET on Fridays. We start off by celebrating wins from community members, play some word games together such as words on stream ( and then get into a technical topic. The technical topics can vary from week to week but mostly focus on web development (Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript) and open source.

If folks are interested in that you can catch the next stream at

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Brian Clark 💡

At work, we also stream about developer security topics over at in case that interests anyone as well 🙂👍

keshavgbpecdel profile image

I don't stream but ofcourse do Leetcode Challenges on YouTube, at TECH_ED 🤗

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Paul Arizpe

Sometimes I stream on Twitch but recently I only upload videos every week on my YT Channel . I speak in Spanish and French, sometimes in english.

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Dan Ott

I stream a series called Typescript Tuesdays every Tuesday at the Virtual Coffee twitch! We'll also have a lot more action there next month with Hacktoberfest stuff!

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Elliot Mangini

I stream music and code on Twitch at Big Sister!

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Andy Delso

Currently shifting from Twitch (affiliate) to YouTube.

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Jesse R Weigel

I stream on YouTube at I haven't been that active lately, but want to get started again soon!