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What's Your Favourite Cheat Sheets?

nickytonline profile image Nick Taylor (he/him) Updated on ・1 min read

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Have an awesome cheat sheet or cheat sheet repo you wanna share with the rest of us?

I'll get things started. Here's a nice cheat sheet from @dan_abramov for modern React lifecycle methods (React 16.3+)


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Not quite a single cheatsheet but I think this project is cool: devhints.io

I'd love to bring something like that into dev.to


Nice! I use devdocs and MDN with Alfred, but that's more like full blown apis which is great too, but sometimes you just need the cheat sheet ;)


love devdocs and devhints, didn't know about them! A good way not to open too many tabs :-)

One of the cool things about devdocs is you can use it offline.


Never saw it anywhere and glad you did! It will certainly be very helpful!


One of my perennial favorites has been this story splitting flowchart. It has really helped several times for intelligently dividing tasks for user stories.


Nice! Definitely gonna check this out. Thanks for sharing.


Can I add that the spelling of favourite is giving me a lot of Canadian nostalgia 🤗


Not exactly a cheatsheet either, but I really like goalkicker.com/


I came across this great set of OWASP cheat sheets today.