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Nick Taylor
Nick Taylor

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Are you in the GitHub Arctic Code Vault?

Looks like GitHub is pushing out new contributor badges.

It looks like this.

Screenshot of my GitHub profile showcasing the Arctic Code Vault badge

Have you made it into the GitHub arctic code vault? ❄️ Share a screenshot!

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pranavbaburaj profile image
Pranav Baburaj

I contributed to a repository in the GitHub arctic code vault, but I didn't get the badge. I was too late

afrinc profile image
John Dears • Edited

But why Arctic? I couldn't understand the reason behind this naming. I am part of it too.

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

It’s because they are literally storing it in the Arctic. ❄️⛄️

afrinc profile image
John Dears

Come on. Lol.

Thread Thread
nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Penguins on ice

c0derr0r profile image
Irkan Hadi

Oh wow, I forgot about the Arctic Vault thing.

Irkan Hadi's GitHub Arctic Vault top contributions


nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Chow Yun-fat giving a thumbs up

michaelphipps profile image
Phippsy • Edited

I made it! All I did was remove some urls from documentation. (domains had expired, and the new owner redirected them to adult content).

Phippsy: Arctic Code Vault Contributor

xsm4el profile image
Ismael Olliver OUEDRAOGO

I never applied for the program, wasnt even aware of it, but still i received the message :"You contributed code to the 2020 GitHub Archive Program and now have a badge for it. Thank you for being part of the program!" I find this very suspicious. I really hated it when Microsoft acquired GitHub. I wish GitHub remained fully independent; now with these data hungry companies that want to track spy and know everything what can we expect. Microsoft bought GitHub that bought in turn NPM, I really dont feel at ease with all that.

c0derr0r profile image
Irkan Hadi

They gave the badge to everyone who contributed to any open source project, even if it's your own repos. But in the badge they only mention the top 3 starred repos you contributed to, so eh, it's nice to have I guess.

bannerbomb profile image
BannerBomb • Edited

I'm apart of it.

blacklight profile image
Fabio Manganiello • Edited

I'm there too :)


Btw, does anyone know if there's a way to see the full list of projects that have been included? As a contributor to several open-source projects, I'd like to see the full list instead of a generic "and more".

desolosubhumus profile image
Desolo Sub Humus 🌎🌍 • Edited

I needed some good news. I didn't expect this good of news, though.
My Arctic Code Vault Badge
I'll take it - seriously, this made my day.

jeelpatel17 profile image
Jeel Patel

I've recently joined github in June, Can I earn my badge on/after 02/02/2021?

chintukarthi profile image
Karthikeyan Dhanapal

I didn't realize the importance of the badge until my friend shared a video of this. Feels pretty good knowing that my code is going to be stored for like 1000 years 😇


This is the repo:

abdelraouf profile image
Abdel-Raouf Abdel-Wahab

Woow, my learning journey with Apache kafka well be documented for next generations !!
Such a great Honour :D
Arctic code Vault Badge

ddaypunk profile image
Andy Delso

Apparently my code is also important... 🤣

atomxplus profile image


yonas profile image

I am surprised this came up in my profile
Arctic Vault Contributor

shivabasavap1 profile image
Shiva Basava P • Edited

Thanks for sharing, Even I've got one :) !

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