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Apple Watch or a Decent Alternative?

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Hi DEVers,

I received some award points at work that translate to gift cards and I was looking to buy a smart watch.

I have enough to pay for the majority of an Apple watch. The one lingering question I have though is, can you put music on your Apple Watch that isn't from iTunes/Apple Music subscription? I have music in iTunes that I ripped from old CDs and ideally would like to put that on my watch. I also have some music purchased from Google Music, but I know that there is no Google Music app for Apple watches, most likely because of competition. Same for Amazon Music.

I have no plans on getting an Apple Music subscription, so if this is not possible, I am going to consider other smart watches. The other smart watch I was considering is the Fitbit Versa 2.

Any recommendations peeps?

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Do you own any other Apple products?


I have an iPhone 8 (iOS 13), 2017 MacBook Air (macOS Catalina) and an older iPad Mini (iOS 12).


Well then if you want to stay in that ecosystem then yes a Apple Watch is good but if you plan on getting out of that ecosystem as in getting an Android like the Galexy or Pixel and maybe buying another laptop like a Lenovo Thinkbook then a Fitbit is great.

I definitely don’t mind staying in the Apple ecosystem. I’ve been pretty happy with their products. It’s more about transferring music to my watch that wasn’t purchased through iTunes/Apple Music subscription.

Even though it was kind of a boring update, the always on screen helped me make the leap to get one finally.

I think of the Apple Watch as an investment in my health because I think it keeps me off my phone a bit and gets me moving. I’ve had it a couple weeks now and I’m really happy with the purchase.

Did you purchase the GPS + LTE version or just the GPS version? I’m still on the fence about that as well.

Check this out google.com/amp/s/www.imore.com/app... hopefully it helps give you an insight to which to buy.


I'd go for an apple watch. I read 2 stories about how it saved their loved one's life. If I had loose cash, I'd get them asap.

Story 1
Story 2


Thanks for the info. I got my apple watch and really happy with the apple smartwatch series 4 and as I said in my country coleccion de relojes


I had read that first story a little while back, but hadn’t just shot the second one. Thanks for sharing.


I'm on my second Garmin watch now. They have there own app/eco system which is ok. I have a vivoactive 3 music, really like just putting headphones on when going out for a run, and not needing to take my phone with me.


You can transfer music from the Music app to your Apple Watch. The music doesn't have to be purchased from Apple, but you do have to load it into iTunes on your Mac, transferred to your iPhone, and then transferred onto the Apple Watch.


Awesome. That’s the answer I was looking for. Thanks Keith!


I bought an Apple Watch 5 (GPS only) two weeks ago and I'm totally happy with it.
I really like the larger screen (44mm) and the always on mode (I previously owned an Apple Watch 2).

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question, because I rarely listen to music 🙊
But I bought it to keep track of my health and fitness level.

I also like the design more compared to other smart watches.

So far, I don't regret the buy.


Last question which I will probably have to answer myself by going into a physical Apple store, but for those who do own one, did you go with the 40mm or 44mm? I do not have massive wrists, so I am thinking probably the 40mm.