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Nick Raphael
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How to use 'Suggest a Tweet' effectively

Hopefully you already know this, but bloggers on the platform can submit a tweet suggestion to the folks at directly from the platform. If like the tweet, they will post it up on the official thePracticalDev twitter feed. Currently, thePracticalDev has 171.6k followers. So it's a great way to increase your profile.

You can access this directly from your dashboard via the manage button.

But what makes a good 'tweet suggestion'? I put this question to an extremely helpful member of the team. So massive thanks to Michael for giving me these useful tips.

  • They typically look for a good quote from an article, sometimes listing headings works well too, or just a brief summation of the post.
  • The tweet can't be left blank.
  • The tweet can't be a copy of the title.
  • The tweet shouldn't have any #s or @mentions in it.
  • Generally they're more likely to accept tweets for articles that are widely appealing (but make exceptions).
  • They're also not big on including wordings like "to learn more", "read more here", and other things that seem kind of like filler.

Armed with these tips, you should be able to increase the likelyhook that your article will be featured on the thePracticalDev twitter feed. Now this begs the question, will this article be featured?

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Michael Tharrington • Edited

Thanks for writing this up, Nick! This is awesome. ❤️

If I think of more advice to add here, I'll be sure to chime in. 🤔😀

Also, I wonder what folks think would make a for a particularly good suggested post/tweet? If anybody has any examples of tweets they've enjoyed or articles that they think are particularly worthy of tweeting out, please do share.

In case anybody is unfamiliar with the "Suggest a Tweet" functionality, take a read there and maybe go try it out! 🙂

And, if your suggested tweet isn't accepted, don't get too down. There are lots of suggested tweets submitted, but we try to narrow them down to a relatively small group that we share out each day. So, it can be a little tricky to get your suggested tweet shared.

So, best of luck to all you tweet suggesters out there! We appreciate the suggestions. 🙏

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Nick Raphael

If my article isn't accepted, perhaps I'll go down to another level of inception. I'll write an article on coming to terms emotionally with a rejected 'suggest a tweet'. Then submit that article. Then that article will get accepted. At that point my head spins around 720 degrees.

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Michael Tharrington


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Peter Kim Frank

This is a great article, Nick!

We share tweets from the main @ThePracticalDev account, but we also have a bunch of subject-specific Twitter accounts as well.