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re: Awesome talk @nickpalenchar ! What are some of the benefits of using a container such as Docker when you are building software? What do you primari...

Thanks Molly! There are many key benefits but in one way or another it all comes back to portability, and that's useful at any phase in development.

  • For sandbox/prototyping, I might want to try out a new thing without muddling my local environment. I'll search docker hub for a container (say python3), and run the tag on my machine with docker run <tag_name>, and boom--I have all the correct binaries installed in the container without having to install anything myself. When I'm done with it, I can remove the container. My local environment never gets cluttered at any point in this

  • For production, it's often said containers helps eliminate the "runs on my computer" type of surprises. Running a container creates an isolated environment that's identical rather its in your computer or a remote server.

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