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  • Within the last ~6 months? LiveView with Phoenix for being able make a web app feel like it's a single page app without having to write any Javascript. Diffs of your server rendered templates get pushed over a websocket channel when things change but the initial render happens without Javascript, so you get SEO perks with no extra work.

  • Within the last ~5 years? Docker to be able to set up a web app and all of its dependencies on any major OS without having to mess around with version managers and service specific installation steps.


Phoenix LiveView is super interesting (though the idea behind is not new, it's a lot less expensive now) and I think it can't be easily replicated within languages that don't have "fearless concurrency" like Elixir :)


Yeah, I used Turbolinks for a long time in Rails. It's not quite the same, but LiveView seems like the next natural stage of progression towards creating responsive web apps.

Although in the project I'm working on now, I'm using both Turbolinks and plan to use LiveView together. Turbolinks still has its place for ensuring the head of your page doesn't get resent for each page view, and LiveView steps in for manipulating pieces of the DOM without changing the page (although push state is coming in a future LiveView release which makes things quite interesting).

Thanks for the details! I'm glad there's no single way to create a web app. Going all in with a SPA is not the only option to have a fast website :D

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