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More easily leveraging bool's from a ptr

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I am currently working on a project that leverages pointers to Bool values in golang. I am using corev1.SecurityContext.RunAsNonRoot which is a *bool. When I am doing comparisons, I have to wrap all the checks for true/false in a helper function since I cannot be sure if the value will be unset (nil) which will cause a fatal error.

Is there some other golang trick or pro-tip I should be using? Or is there some other type of method I should consider when using libraries that have this type of struct referencing *bool?

Any discussion would be so great! Happy Thursday!

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You can use this code:

isItTrue := boolPtr != nil && *boolPtr

or use a helper function, as it will probably be inlined by the compiler.
Note that your isNilbool function is useless. Using a function to do a simple == is overkill.


thanks for the helpful feedback Maxime - I'll definitely adjust my approach :)

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