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Even the "worst" language is worth studying (if not learning), so as to appreciate why its bad. And maybe why it's not.

(Let's exclude esoteric languages, because they are designed to be "bad", and its trivial to understand why that are bad. In this regard, they are fun, but not interesting).

In less black-and-white terms, I'm tired of developers telling me that, for example, functional programming is not relevant, but who have never actually bothered to study it.

The more you learn (or at least study), the more informed your opinions will be. As a software development professional, you have duty to inform your opinions.


Exactly. It takes a lot of time to realize that there is no right answer and that everything is a question of context and of trade-offs.

@daedtech is really good on this here Coders in the Hands of a Missing God: How Newly Minted Freelancers Badly Miss the Point

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