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Discussion on: New Developer Year Resolutions!

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Nicholas Fazzolari

Great resolutions! - 4 and 7 are big for me.

I'll add some of my own :D

1. Slow down with my personal projects: I have a dense CS coursework load. I need to stop trying to add 16 hours a week to personal software development work. I did it last term and it started to wear on me.

2. Learn a functional programming language: Open my "Learning Haskell" book this summer.

3. Get more involved and meet more devs: I'm at the point in my software developer career where I need to come out of my little academic shell and start networking. The imposters syndrome has retreated, and I'm confident enough in core topics that I feel like I can add something to the world of software development, even if the contributions are small.

Note: The community has been overwhelmingly welcoming and positive, and I really appreciate that. I have lurked other online developer communities over the last few years and they made me weary of getting involved.

4. Continue to combine my skill sets: I have a strong background in graphic design (print and digital), and being touring musician in a post-punk band. I spend time thinking how these skills can be combined to help create human-centric, engaging software (I want to write a piece about this soon).