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Discussion on: The World Of CSS. Should you write your own CSS or use any Library?

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Nicholas Fazzolari

As you said in your conclusion using CSS frameworks and libraries mixed with custom CSS is dependent on project scope and context.

For layout and responsive front-ends using a library/framework is going to speed up development time considerably and minimize technical debt overall. This holds especially true on products which are built for consumption (production grade commercial and government software solutions).

However, new developers should take the time to understand CSS on a deeper level. The best way to attain a deeper understanding of CSS is to clone or fork a copy of the Boostrap source files in SASS or Less. Given a newer developer already knows the basics of CSS and maybe a little beyond they can see what goes into building a responsive layout engine in CSS. Another thing front-end developers should do is build UI components and page layouts in CSS from scratch using a preprocessor or in pure CSS to learn or retain CSS skills.

Great post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.