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There's a cool new feature in Chrome. It's in the "experimental" features so it's still in development.

Steps to activate it you:

  • Open the dev tools - Command+Option+I on Mac & Control+Shift+I on Windows.
  • Click the settings button (it looks like a big cog).
  • Click the "Experiments" tab.
  • Check the "CSS Overview" option. βœ…
  • Close the menu (and you may need to reopen the dev tools).
  • Check out a shiny new "CSS Overview" tab.

Now to use it all you have to do is click "Capture Overview" to get the overview of any page.

I hope this tip helped and until the next one, happy coding! πŸ’œ

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Just to add, you'll need to enable the flag for dev tools experiments. chrome://flags/#enable-devtools-ex...


I didn't see anything to enable this so this awesome! Thanks for sharing


That's a new feature I didn't know about, and looks pretty cool, thanks for that!


Cool, thanks for sharing Niall (and Jhey). Reminds me of cssstats.com/.


Oh nice, I never saw this before!


Wow, this is awesome!


That "unused declarations" is probably going to be so useful for me lol