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My portfolio journey #1

Hi, I'm Prince. I'm in the final year of my 3 year CS program and very soon I'll be out looking for a job. To prepare for that I thought it wise to begin creating a portfolio site and at the time of writing I am looking at some example portfolios.

Being someone who is not very comfortable with design, UI/UX (pretty much anything that is supposed to be visually compelling) it was a pretty daunting task. I thought looking at some example sites was going to help, it did, but then I realized those sites had loads of great visual content and animations which I don't think I could implement successfully.

This realization put me down a bit but the truth is your first portfolio doesn't have to be some out-of-earth looking thingamajig, it just has to exist. So I decided to go simple and start by making a simple wireframe of a site I was able to build from the ground up. I am going to be documenting my journey as I am advancing. I will include tips / tutorials on how I created my website and since I have no clients (yet) I will also talk about the pet projects I put on my site and what motivated my choice of them.

Wish me luck.

PS: here are links to some resources that helped me along the way

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