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Discussion on: How to use Google Colab to package KivyMD applications with buildozer.

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Ngonidzashe Nzenze Author

Have you tried running:

buildozer android clean

between the changes? If not, try running it and using the following requirements:

requirements = python3,kivy==2.0.0,, sdl2_ttf==2.0.15,pillow

If you have tried this and still gotten the error, could you please provide the logs.
I'm pretty sure that adding pillow to the requirements was supposed to work.

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I've tried running buildozer with your mentioned requirements and it worked finally. Thank you very much for taking your time and for your help. 🥳
I'm so happy that the "compilation" is working.

A new small problem accoured with a more advanced kivy code. The code runs at the PC but not on my phone. [ TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable ]

Is this a typical error? And is the KivyMD/Python code the problem?

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Ngonidzashe Nzenze Author

Awesome, I'm glad that worked.

I think the TypeError is probably a bug in your code. It means somewhere your code is trying to iterate over an int object. Try to look through your code for possible causes if the log is not returning the line causing the error.