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Cindy Lam
Cindy Lam

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CSS, layout, UI - Resources

I have the opportunity to attend the following workshops on November 9th, 2021, and hope to share the experience/resources with everyone! If you like to learn by doing, then you will have a lot of fun going through the following workshops:

CSS Layout Workshop - Rachel Andrew, Technical Writer @ Google

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Feel free to clone the codepen and to practice CSS Grid, Flexbox, and Fallbacks. Rachel walked through the workshop below with everyone in the workshop.

This is a great workshop to practice all the CSS & Layout fundamentals!

Speaker's Twitter: @rachelandrew

User-Adaptive Interfaces - Adam Argyle, UI/UX Specialized Fullstack Engineer/Googler

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Adam walked through a codelab on user-adaptive interfaces (Light/dark modes, Grid, direction, etc.). Feel free to find more resources below. This was the best CSS session and I have a lot of fun!!

Workshop Resources:

Other Web Resources:

Speaker's Twitter: @argyleink

If you have miss the CDS 2021 events, no worries, you can always learn more here!

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Luke Shiru

Ideally you should change #css and #html to maybe something like #announcement. The idea with the article tags is to categorize what the article is about.


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Cindy Lam Author • Edited on

Thank you for your feedback @lukeshiru ! It is great to know what the article tag is about. I have updated the tag as suggested to make sure it is clearer to the reader!

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