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8 Projects with Designs you can do to Become FRONT-END developer

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These are 8 projects with requirements and designs that you can do to become a Front-end developer. The order is from easy to intermediate

1. Reusable Button

One best way to start learning React or Vue is to make small components. By making a reusable button, you will learn about basic states and the most basics syntax.

2. Reusable Input

Making a reusable is not that simple, especially the Input component. You have to make sure about different states: Error, Focus..., Accessibility, sizes,... But you will learn a lot from making them and it will be a big help in the journey of learning a library like React.

3. Windbnb - Airbnb small version

You will be making a small version of Airbnb.

Given a simple JSON file, your task is to create a listing with filter functions. You will learn managing state in Front-end library in React or Vue.

4. Todo App

Everyone knows Todo App, but did you ever try to make one?

You will practices skills like Array methods and managing states. I think it's one of the best tasks to start learning a library as it is not too difficult or too easy.

5. Quote generator

A Front-end developer needs to know how to use an API. You will practice basic skills working with a simple API in this project.

6. Country quiz

Now a bit more challenging project, not only you have to use an API but also managing more complex states in your app. This project will definitely improve your skill as a Front-end developer.

7. Weather app

Surprise, Surprise :)) another weather app project. In this one, you have to understand an API, display different data, and checking user location. A lot of things to do and practice and a perfect challenge for a junior to practice a library.

8. Job search

In this one, you have to deal with different routes, different states, and an interesting API from Github. A good project to put to your portfolio.


These projects are perfect for people who are starting learning Front-end library and want to practice it. Not only you have 8 projects to add to your portfolio but also, you will get a certificate after completed.

In the end, best of luck to everyone who is studying and feel free to leave me a comment.

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The designs are amazing. I will definitely do the challenges ๐Ÿ’ฏ.


Thank you so much. Looking forward to see your solutions :)


you can checkout Discord with amazing people there as well :)


Hi, looks like Links are not working


which links, it works for me. you can try to copy and paste it


The Challenges link...also tried copying and pasting, still the same

Unfortunately still the same

oh wow the first time. it does not support IE. So can you try different browser?

I'm actually using Chrome, tried other browsers too...still the same

I asked people to check out the links and it worked for them. Unfortunately I don't know your issues :( Sorry man


Why are they called 'user stories' ? They are not really stories, unless there is a story why they have that requirement ? ๐Ÿ˜†
Anyway, appreciate your useful and cool site !


lol it's my site, I call it thunghiem if I want to.

Please check out: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_story

Anyways, thank you for your comment.


Thanks for posting that link. I honestly hadn't heard that expression before.


This is really awesome - great idea and awesome site!

Finally, the perfect resource to send friends when they ask for tips on how to become a web dev. :)


Somehow your comment make me so happy that you think this is perfect to share with your friends.

Thank you for your comments


Awesome, thanks for the share! I have been starting to learn React again so these projects will be helpful! Really nice site too


That is an amazing site, exactly what I needed for improving my VueJS skills. Thank you!


You are very welcomed. Hopefully you will have fun time there


๐Ÿคฏ Look's Interesting
I will definitely go to try this.

Thank You


haha did I blow your mind? hopefully you will enjoy it :)


It looks awesome, thanks for ideas :)
By the way, I'm too living in Finland