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Discussion on: So, how many of you respect CSS as a programming language?

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right. all .style does is allow js to read css. Same for styled components for react.

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Uriel Bitton

No. Again wrong, please read my comment. Not all technologies compiles to css. React native's styling is one example, another is flutter. Many mobile development technologies cannot use css for styling as they are not html based (or for other reasons). They use their own styling technology.

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Temani Afif

@urielbitton If you will not run it in a browser then logically you won't use HTML/CSS, this is trivial. CSS will not style everything. Here it's about front-end dev which is closely related to browser.

My point was that if you are going to deal with CSS then it's CSS, you don't have another choice. You can change your backend language, the Database, etc but you have no alternative to CSS. Using another technologie is another story. If you will do Robotic then you won't need CSS which is trivial. I never said CSS is everywhere.