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What is MinIO? Part 1


Object storage as a Service has got hot these days. Amazon S3 is the market leader right now and the S3 API is the defacto standard for sharing objects in the cloud. MinIO is fully API compatible with Amazon's S3 API and can be easily run in multiple cloud enviroments in this blogpost we will take a look at MinIO basic components.

Key components of MinIO

MinIO Server

MinIO Server. MinIO is a distributed object storage server. It boasts the most comprehensive implementation of the Amazon S3 API to be found anywhere outside of Amazon itself.

MinIO Client

MinIO Client. Is a handy CLI tool managing objects on the MinIO Server this client provides great functionality managing Object Storage in cloud environments. Scripting abilities provide great functionality for DevOps teams.

MinIO Console

MinIO Console. The MinIO Console is a browser-based GUI that incorporates all the functionality of the MinIO Client in a design that feels familiar to IT admins and developers alike.


MinIO is a great way to store unstructered data as objects in th cloud. Powered by Kubernetes its is simple to use in modern cloud enviroments and is a easy and fast way to scale data as objects. With the rise of of AI based systems like Large language models and other ML based tools its a hot choice for cloud based solutions.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the series whre we will dive deeper into managing object-storage data with the use aof MinIO and the programming language Go.

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