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Exciting News! NFTScan Secures Spot in CoinMarketCap’s Prestigious List of TOP 10 Tools in the Crypto Market🏆

Recently, CoinMarketCap announced the winners of the CMC Crypto Awards 2024 for the Top 10 Tools for Newbies in the global blockchain infrastructure category. As a leading NFT data infrastructure service provider, NFTScan was selected for its long-term contributions to the NFT field and its provision of high-quality NFT data services to numerous Web3 projects.

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The CMC Crypto Awards 2024, organized by CoinMarketCap, is a new annual event aimed at becoming the most recognized celebration of cryptocurrencies and Web3. It is referred to as the “Oscars of the cryptocurrency industry” and seeks to bring the entire industry together in an entertaining way to honor individuals and projects driving blockchain development.

The awards will include categories such as Top 10 Tools for Newbies, Top 10 Tools for Pros, Top 10 VCs to Watch, and more. Winners will be determined through a combination of CoinMarketCap’s data, expert committee, and public voting, and will be announced during the official CMC Crypto Awards ceremony, which will be live-streamed on their website and YouTube.

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Top 10 Tools for Newbies — NFTScan🥇
NFTScan is a professional multi-chain NFT browser and NFT data infrastructure that aims to provide efficient NFT retrieval services to millions of Web3 users. It offers secure and stable multi-chain NFT indexing services for the next generation of fintech companies and contributes to the thriving development of the NFT ecosystem through its high-quality data services.

Its recognition by the CMC Crypto Awards 2024 as one of the Top 10 Tools for Newbies globally highlights the value of its NFT data services.

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The products and services offered by NFTScan rely on the platform’s ability to analyze and standardize on-chain NFT data, with a range of offerings that cater to this function, which include:

  • NFTScan Explorer
  • NFTScan Portfolio
  • NFTScan Site
  • NFTScan as a Service

Our team will continue to strive to provide high-quality NFT data services to Web3 developers and users. We welcome the use of NFTScan for all NFT-related needs!

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About CoinMarketCap:
CoinMarketCap (CMC) is a globally renowned platform for tracking cryptocurrency prices and market data. Since its establishment in 2013, CMC has been recognized as the most visited website for cryptocurrency market information, aggregating global cryptocurrency trading data and providing free access to its API services. It has become the primary data source for global digital currency price indices and has high traffic and influence in the industry.

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NFTScan is the world’s largest NFT data infrastructure, including a professional NFT explorer and NFT developer platform, supporting the complete amount of NFT data for 22 blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, BNBChain, Arbitrum, Optimism, and other major networks, providing NFT API for developers on various blockchains.

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