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I've been using it on production for some time and I've both loved and hated it at some points.

The benefits it brings if your domain can benefit from types are good, but it still has some cons that are a bit problematic and that make using it more boilerplatey than other type systems like TypeScript for example.

The type system it provides is still not 100% ready and things like generics are there but they are not even documented. Support for rails exists but it isn't simple or comfortable to use. You need to regenerate the typings when you do things like add new models, controllers, routes, relations... That has an obvious cost, not only on the extra work it requires but also because onboarding someone new to the team is more complex.

The code in sorbet moves super fast and you need to upgrade it quite constantly if you don't want to be left behind. Sometimes upgrades are smooth, but some others you'll just suffer bugs and instabilities of different types (non-compatible gems, issues depending on the Ruby version...) they are fixed quite fast though, which is something to be grateful for.

In general, my impression over it is that it is not as ready as I would have liked to.

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