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scosta profile image Saul Costa ・2 min read

Hello Dev.to readers! 👋

We have some exciting news to share with you: we’ve partnered with the GitHub Student Developer Pack to make it easier for students everywhere to learn programming and write your own programs!

What does this mean for you as a student? Well, students now get access to Next Tech’s course library and sandboxed computing environments for free for a whole year! Typically this would cost $228, but with our offer, you can save that money for a ☔ day (or a ☀️ one, for that matter!).

As former and current computing students ourselves, we know that setting up your computer for programming can be tough. It’s especially frustrating when you can see the solution to your homework or next project in your head, but your computer just isn’t working.

This is the exact problem Next Tech was founded to solve! Instead of having to do this set up yourself, you can launch a real programming environment in a couple of seconds and use it directly from your browser. 🤯

With these programming environments, you can learn programming, web development, data science, and more with our library of courses. Or, you can start from scratch and build an entire project using some coding sandboxes. All with no downloads, fast access from any computer anywhere, and now, free for you. 😊

Sound like fun? Head over to the GitHub Student Developer Pack page to claim yours, or if you already have the Pack, come check out Next Tech!

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