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Top 5 IT Security Tips for Remote Workforce

Remote work has adapted to the modern workforce, but it still lacks the security needed to keep threats and attackers from the organizational ecosystem. Read to know more

It’s been over a year that a large number of organizations made a shift to remote work practices. Many of them now have teams distributed across geographies with employees in multiple countries, working across time zones. Most of these employees rely on their personal WiFi networks, networks, and sometimes, even accounts and ids to carry out their day to day work-related tasks.

What can the lack of good security do?

One of the biggest Social Media companies, Twitter fell prey to security attackers when working from home in 2020, and mind you, Twitter has a robust cybersecurity team.

IT security tips

1) Zero Trust Security – Keeper utilizes a proprietary, zero-knowledge security architecture that supports on-premise, cloud as well as hybrid-cloud environments and infrastructures for client-side encryption key management that can be quite effective when protecting your organization from remote data breaches.

2) Encryption tools – Utilize Application security for the on-device apps needed by your remote workforce by using set-and-forget encryption tools and deliver an end-to-end protection ranging from encryption to scanning.

3) Advanced DevOps – Empower your IT teams command-line tools, open source code, and API, so that they can easily manage password rotational functionalities.

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