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Why Halodoc centralized log management with New Relic

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What’s new at New Relic

Upgrade your Java agent to v8.8.0 to avoid impacts to your alerts/dashboards

Deprecating inspected count limits for all customers

Parsing and transforming data just got easier with jsonParse(), cidrAddress(), toTimestamp() and many more functions

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Halodoc’s journey from EFK to New Relic log management

Learn why this digital healthcare platform replaced their EFK stack to gain real-time visibility into application logs. See the step-by-step migration and how it simplified their processes while giving them faster error resolution.

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New Relic helps nonprofit CareerVillage enter the AI era

See how the New Relic Observability for Good program helped this small team build out their crowd-sourced platform and centralize their data so that their engineers can focus on building a new AI career coach rather than on infrastructure monitoring.

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Rockset is a vector database that allows you to build AI apps with real-time updates. If you use Rockset as a vector store in LangChain, you can get full visibility into your vector search performance and quality with the pre-built quickstart.


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*State of Observability for Financial Services and Insurance report

View insights and analysis on the adoption and business value of observability for the financial services and insurance industries. Topics include trends, deployment, number of tools, spend, outage frequency and cost, downtime, benefits, and future plans. Read Report

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New Relic User Group - Winter Series

We’re kicking off 2024 in style with our winter user groups across the US! Join us for an afternoon packed with data talk, food and drinks, and fun. We’ll wrap up each event with bowling, go-karts, arcade games, or rooms with a view (depending on your city).
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New Relic Online Webinars and Workshops

Join our upcoming New Relic online webinars and live training workshops. From 45-minute best practice webinars with our solution experts to 90-minute trainer-led workshops with hands-on labs, you'll find a session to suit you.
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New Relic User Group - Canada Series

Join us in Canada for one of our meetups in March. We'll discuss what's new and next for New Relic and show you best practices for improving observability while we enjoy food and drinks with a little bit of fun.
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Setting up and collecting Charles trace for iOS apps

Charles is a desktop application that functions as an HTTP proxy, HTTP monitor, and reverse proxy. The Charles file can provide visibility into the actual payload that the agent is sending or attempting to send. It's always a good idea to look at the Charles file if you're experiencing issues with data transfer or payload not showing up in New Relic.

Here's how to do it

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