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Revolutionize your observability strategy: New Relic resources from February 2023

Hello, o11y community πŸ‘‹

Here's our latest technical blogs and resources of February 2023!

Discover New Relic Updates πŸ”Ž

The only full-stack change tracking solution is now generally available with New Relic. With change events now captured in context with the rest of your telemetry data, you can finally understand the full scope and impact of those changes, allowing you to implement CI/CD best practices that dramatically reduce triage and incident resolution time while driving faster, more reliable delivery pipelines.

Resolve issues quickly with traces in logs and errors inbox: Learn how distributed traces in New Relic are now surfaced in your errors inbox, APM errors, and logs so you can improve how you monitor and troubleshoot your applications.

Use modern observability to establish a data-driven culture: Watch the video of our webinar with Stephen Elliot from IDC and Ptah Dunbar from New Relic to learn about next-generation APM with distributed tracing and logs.

Save money in this economic downturn with all-in-one observability and consumption pricing from New Relic. Read about how you can start paying for actual usage, not peak usage and more.

Go deep with this hands-on tutorials πŸ› οΈ

Top ten tips for instrumenting Golang (part one of a multipart series) covers the beginnings of instrumenting your Golang application with New Relic. This blog includes an Instruqt you can follow along with, as well as videos, and a blog so you can get started in minutes.

Check out our latest resources for businesses and hear from a New Relic partner ⚑

Building a startup? New Relic and AWS is a powerful combination you should know about for total observability. Whether you’re on day zero or day 300, here are six things founders and engineers should do to build and scale their ideas.

New Relic customer Nexthink details how they completely transformed their delivery model and overall offering with real-time observability.

Learn with New Relic πŸ’‘

Some top PHP frameworks to know about, as well as their pros and cons in one convenient article.

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