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New Relic Technical Blogs and Resources of January 2023

Hello, o11y community πŸ‘‹

Here's our start of the year technical blogs and resources of January 2023! Happy New Year! πŸŽ‰

Discover Product Updates πŸ”Ž

The Azure Native New Relic Service is now generally available
With New Relic hosted in Microsoft Azure, store your telemetry data in Azure, onboard rapidly, and retire Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) spend. Watch a Data Bytes video to get started, and follow along with the documentation.

Proactively send alerts with Pulumi
By using New Relic with Pulumi, you can quickly create alerts that you share with your teams, ensuring that you are proactively monitoring your stack. Pulumi is an infrastructure as code framework for full-stack developers and cloud engineers who are interested in using their favorite programming languages to manage the lifecycle of their cloud resources.

Learn with New Relic πŸ’‘

A quick guide to getting started with New Relic
In this introductory guide and UI walkthrough, learn the basics of using New Relic to monitor, debug, and improve your stack, so you can ship the best software possible.

Observability as code simplifies your life to learn about automating observability, observability as code, and what they have in common with sliced bread.

Troubleshooting guide for distributed tracing and browser monitoring
Zameer Fouzan, Senior Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic, walks though steps and examples in a tracing troubleshooting guide for frontend and backend apps deployed separately. Learn what to do if you instrumented your single page application with New Relic but you aren’t seeing distributed traces.

Deploy New Relic infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation
Use our newly updated walkthrough guide for deploying the New Relic infrastructure agent using AWS CloudFormation.

We’ve continued updating our introductory observability, monitoring, and security concepts:What is an APM service?
Application performance monitoring (APM) services are tools that can help you understand how well or poorly your app is performing for your customers. Learn about why people use APM services, standard capabilities, and factors to consider.

Resolve issues faster with in-app collaboration capabilities:
Streamline your workflow and resolve issues faster by keeping discussions alongside your data.

Cyber Security Updates πŸ”

New content about security, vulnerability, and observability:
Security mindset tips for engineers
Ready to develop a security mindset and shift your security practices left? Here are 8 tips to get you started.

Customer Pricing Questions 🏷️

Top five observability pricing traps Learn about five common pricing and billing traps for observability and how to avoid them.

New Relic Events πŸ—“οΈ

A recap of our 2022 observability forecast and the future of observability: Get insights from a recap of our 2022 observability forecast, and learn about the future of observability. Watch a video and sign up for future webinars.

New Relic Observability Days are back in 2023! We’re restarting New Relic Observability Days this year. Join New Relic for O11y Day Miami on February 23, and watch our events page for where we’re landing next.

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