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The F Word

netohog profile image Neto Hog ・1 min read

"Honesty in small things is not a small thing"

When I read this Danish saying today I thought about the importance, not always properly given, of feedback in our daily lives.

As a Brazillian, culturally we are a people who are very concerned about the way we speak, about the different interpretations our words may have, and because of this we are not always direct and sincere. This connects with another sentence I read on the same topic.

"In most companies, the most valuable feedback is never given"

Have you ever stopped to think about how your career could be in a different spot if you had received proper feedback at that right time? Or if you had been open enough to at least consider the feedback you received that you just ignored?

Share here in the comments what feedback you wish you had received in the past, or the one you ignored and today consider a mistake.

Who knows, maybe someone reading this is in a similar moment as you were before! 😉

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