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HowTo: Augmented Reality without ArCore -> kotlin + mobile sensors + Rx 💥 🚀

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Augmented Reality

Do you ever wanted to play with AR a little but didn't want to dive deep into whole ARCore experience?
In our company as a part of R&D research we developed a little library that provides you with a view showing labels of the destinations provided by you. It's an open source project so you can contribute or write suggestions of new features at our repo https://github.com/netguru/ar-localizer-view-android

You can easily use it in your projects:

Using library

  1. Add repository in you projects build.gradle file

    repositories {
        maven {  url 'https://dl.bintray.com/netguru/maven/' }
  2. Add library dependency

        dependencies {
                implementation 'com.netguru.arlocalizerview:arlocalizerview:0.1.0'
  3. Add view to your layout

  4. In in arLocalizerView onCreate method you need to provide

    interface ARLocalizerDependencyProvider {
        fun getSensorsContext(): Context
        fun getARViewLifecycleOwner(): LifecycleOwner
        fun getPermissionActivity(): Activity
    fun arLocalizerView.onCreate(arLocalizerDependencyProvider: ARLocalizerDependencyProvider)
  5. In order to process the permission request you need to provide permission results to the view.

        fun onRequestPermissionResult(
            requestCode: Int,
            permissions: Array<out String>,
            grantResults: IntArray
  6. Finally in order to display the destination labels on the camera preview use

    arLocalizerView.setDestinations(destinations: List<LocationData>)

Library in action!

Library in action
Library in action
Library in action


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