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I think I would be interested to see how these other bundlers work.

I'd be curious how easy it is to do certain things in these other bundlers. For example, do they support the asynchronous import() syntax for dynamically loading code from the server? Webpack does quite a good job of that. Also, I was able to get webpack to filter out excess locale files from moment.js, which was helpful in reducing bundle size. I wasn't using moment myself, but it's (somewhat annoyingly) a hard dependency of chart.js at the present time (I think they're working on that though). Another thing webpack does nicely is it let's you use a local loader on the browser for resources like fonts and images, and if they're too big, then you can fall back to a loader that gets them from the server...

As long as these new bundlers do support ways of dealing with stuff like that, it might be worth trying them out... although I also find myself a bit too lazy to actually dig into them since I do have things working in webpack right now. It's true that the configuration of webpack can get rather arcane quickly though!

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