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std. made immutable.


First, what is is an immutable alternative to All modules published to the platform are uploaded to the Arweave Blockweave, where they can never be modified or deleted. This ensures that any (non-vendored) code you import into your Deno projects is available forever.

Why Deno's Standard Modules?

Our platform already holds over 60 third-party modules and over 20,000 files. We're actively growing and expanding our community, but what would happen in the event of having a temporary outage or shutting down 30+ years from now?

Deno's Standard Modules are a critical piece of the pie. Without these modules, developers would have a very difficult time building Deno applications and using Deno to its full potential.

In light of Deno's love for decentralization, all standard modules have been published to Arweave, where they can be hosted and served from 347 individual nodes and counting.

Before you ask: "Well, what if goes down? What then???"

We'll be rolling out alternative import urls shortly that import code directly from Arweave's Permaweb Gateway. This way, even if has an outage, std will not.

Try it out!

Check out to see our brand new Standard Module Gallery. You can use this std mirror as an alternative to

From now on, we'll be publishing each new version of Deno's Standard Modules on!

Note: is not in its 1.0.0 stage yet, so bear with us if you find a bug or something not working as expected. We are actively working to mitigate issues and maintain stability!

Feel free to join our GitHub Discussions or report issues on our repository!

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