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Nesim Tunc
Nesim Tunc

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Recently, I'm into this useful, educational, meaningful open source science project Periodum in my free time, still there're a lot of things to be done, and we're short of technical people.

If you're interested in you may help us, or you may star the repos (for spreading purpose) or share with someone you know that can help.

The tech stack is:

  • NodeJS with TypeScript, MongoDB for backend & API,
  • Swift for iPad and macOS clients,
  • VueJS for web frontend.

The project has became quite popular in Turkey because it was started in Turkish language in the first place, but it's evolved into an international science project now so, we're trying to convert everything into English and multi-language support for frontend clients.

Web frontend is currently tied to an internal API along with MySQL DB, but we're separating them for a better infrastructure.

Currently periodum-api project needs help where the stack is MongoDB & NodeJS with TypeScript.


You may contribute the project via GitHub discussion or right here in comments. Any help is appreciated.

Especially is there anyone who experienced Prisma with MongoDB? Do you recommend it? Any problems that you have encountered during the implementation?

Thank you,
Happy coding!

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