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Agile and Scrum: Our Favorite Duo

Nesha Zoric
Founder/CTO at Kolosek. Building tech startups. Starting project? Contact at
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In our previous articles we wrote about Agile and Scrum, separately, and now we decided to mix them and bring together. If you want to know more, be sure to read those blog posts, and now, let's get to the the benefits of both of these productivity raisers.

Agile and Scrum

These two grew up in the same cocoon. Precisely, Agile is Scrum's older and wiser relative, similar to Rick and Morty.
As you probably learned by now, Agile is a philosophy, a concept that explains how a team should do a project, on a theoretical level. Agile describes principles, while Scrum is all about implementing principles by following the rules. Agile is a philosophy and Scrum a methodology.

Agile and Scrum_4

Agile and Scrum - the similarities

The similarities are:

  • using an iterative approach of making a project,
  • adapting to change,
  • making improvements,
  • delivering the product on time. ## Using Scrum Scrum is not for everybody. I mean, it is, but you don't need it all the time. Here are some cases in which Scrum can help:
  • when you are about to do a large project,
  • when there is no deadline for an app to be delivered to the client,
  • when team members want more autonomy.

Agile and Scrum_12

Not to sound rude, but Scrum is amazing for clients that change their minds quickly and are not sure what exactly they want because development team can easily adapt to that change.

Using Agile

Every time you think you need a project management concept, think of Agile. No matter for which method you decide to go with, Agile, as a philosophy, is the way to go.

In the end...

... Agile and Scrum are inseparable. They go like hamburger and french fries. Not from McDonald's. From some fancy restaurant that sells hamburgers. Delicious!

Agile and Scrum-11

If you want to know more about Agile, also check out our post on Agile and Lean.

Hope you learned something new today.

Originally published at Kolosek blog.

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William Hruska

Thank you for sharing something new. I hope to read more in future.

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Nesha Zoric Author

I'm glad you liked it. There are more articles on our blog so please check it out :)

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