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re: Hmmm... Seems like you could create a Django app as a plugin that provided basic view Classes that rendered given data in a Vue-ish way (e.g. gener...

I thought about another way, without (or with only little help from) Django's templating system. I think that the way "compiling" Vue's parts must be to collect all frontend data that is spread over all Django apps ("plugins") in a "collectstatic" hook or the like, and then It is sent to the client as one.
"Compiling" doesn't have to be on each page call - it's, as I mentioned, like a "collectstatic" command. I imagine something like './manage.py collectvue' which does a distributed browserify (possible?) or webpack collecting, compiling the whole Vue frontend from different Django apps together into the /static folder. Then Django can start as normal and deliver that folder to the client, where Vue (on client side) does the rendering. So it would be kind of a SPA, but put together from it's pieces on the server.

That's a big dream of mine, and I (as always) don't know why the heck nobody at all hasn't done this before.
The only thing I could think of is that it is maybe a BadIdea™️ ;-)

Yeah, that sounds like a plain ole Vue app that could be bundled and served on its own Express server. Then you wouldn’t have to incorporate it into Django at all! You could keep your python and JavaScript separate?

eh, yes, but separated into "django-app-bundled" chunks. Who is serving it then, I wouldn't care.

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