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Top 10 VScode Extensions that I use as a mern developer

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Hi, I am a MERN developer now but I was a LAMP developer before. But now most of the time I work with React & Express. This post is about my code editor. I tried a lot of code editors & IDE’s. But finally, I am sticking with vscode for more than 1year. Today I’ll describe the extensions I use with vscode.

First I want to mention about eslint which really really helps to write better code. But it comes built-in with vscode nowadays. So it doesn’t need to mention but this is a helpful one to writing better JavaScript codes.

Second I love prettier extension which helps me to auto-format my codes and this saves a lot of time. If multiple people work on the same code then I’ll suggest using a config file for prettier. I mostly work alone on my projects so I don’t use it.

I work with react so I need a react extension for making coding easier. I use ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets which gives me a lot of benefits and I use .jsx file format so my vscode gives the jsx super easily!

About the CSS part of React JS I normally use sass or styled component. To do it in a better way I use the vscode-styled-components. This just works as exactly I wanted. So this is a daily extension for me.

Sometimes I make some basics websites too. Because Some of my clients need normal landing pages and I don’t use any extra thing over here. Just HTML CSS & vanilla JS. When I work with the HTML I use the live server extension because it really helps with the changing in real-time and really easy to work with!

About the CSS most of the time I use SCSS so I downloaded live sass compiler which works fine and easy to work with!

Now let’s talk about the theme and icon pack. I use SynthWave ’84 for theme and Helium Icon as icons. I tried a lot of different themes but honestly, I didn’t like anything that much. I like SynthWave ’84 because it’s a really cool vibe. Let me know if you use it too!

This is the most used vscode extensions from my end.

Another one I want to mention is a debugger for chrome. But I use it less.

Also if you are just working with the JavaScript then I’ll suggest using jshint too!


  • Eslint
  • Prettier
  • ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets
  • vscode-styled-components
  • live server
  • live sass compiler
  • SynthWave ’84
  • Helium Icon
  • Debugger for chrome
  • jshint

Vscode is amazing and I love to use it.

Let me know which ones you use?

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