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Now a days everyone is obsessed with the frameworks, but here I’ve listed down some JavaScript tutorials. I tried to find some really really good projects, but sadly I didn’t find any good expert projects(which is free). So check the list and let me know which one you love most ? -


Todo App


Student Grade Calculator

Music App

Intermediate Project ideas

Memory Game

Tic Tac Toe

Whack A Mole

Drum Kit

Advanced Project ideas

Booklist App

Super Mario

Tetris Game

8-Ball Pool

Expert project ideas

Ukulele tuner

Netflix video player


Neural networks

I know it’s a huge list but thanks for reading this whole thing! Share this with your friends to help them!

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If I see another calculator or todo app in these lists I'm gonna kill myself.


Hey Shakhbulat! 👋

I completely agree with you that generic todo apps are boring. Recently, I and my friend were trying to create a project assignment. And while I was examining existent todo projects on YouTube and in different articles, I was quite disappointed - those projects were mostly quite identical, had repulsive design and, what's more, they didn't intentionally include specific features of modern web applications, but rather had "what was simply suitable for todo app", so the education value was low.

In the beginning, we thought we could do an interesting Todo app, but it appeared the plain todo app is not so welcoming and interesting. But at the same time, one thing all todo app have in common is that there are a lot of different articles explaining how to build them, in different architectural styles, technologies, and frameworks, so they still bringing valuable experience and insights to learners who explore frontend and backend development.

So we went a different way and decided to try to create an original project assignment, that still has an advantage of Todo apps, specifically a lot of useful articles people could learn from, but, hopefully, much more interesting, challenging, and nice-looking.

So we came up with "Housework Todoer" 🏡 (banda.works/housework-todoer). It is a story backed assignment through which a junior developer should build a frontend application to help our (imaginary) friend Jack to encourage his kids to help him with home chores. The assignment is free, so we hope that it might help quite a few people to become solid frontend developers, have a nice-looking project in their portfolio, and get a job they will like.


Sadly 90% YouTube made something like this for every programming! I'm just trying to collect different things!


Yeah, it is difficult to come up with interesting projects that are not crushingly difficult to create.


You can create a recipe app instead


Hi @nerdjfpb , I also make tutorials. If you like you can add it in some of your post?
Video - youtube.com/watch?v=66owdRkc8pI
Channel - youtube.com/c/CodersLifeSimplified


Really these script ideas is going to be game changer in my beginner SD career

Great work !


Great compilation: Wes Bos JS videos are great. I want to recommend his 30 Days of Javascript, if you know (at least) the basics.


Wes Bos is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Great work! Will definitely do some of these. Thanks!


Great work Muhamad Ali. I cant wait to start coding q(≧▽≦q)


I love doing side projects and I have to say that this list you have provided is the best I've seen in years.
I definitely will do every single one! Thank you!


Thanks! Really really glad to know this!