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"Accountable Code" 30 Day Challenge to Start My Coding Journey

I'm choosing to now open my 'nerd' eye and open up to the world of coding. I am a beginner looking to document my growth and everything learned as a work towards becoming a coder
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Hello World!

As time has passed and with little focus I can't say that I have been successful at coding much past that! As a newbie to this field I have come to accept that more accountability is needed for myself to remain diligently focused in progressing in learning code.

Therefore, as I begin this journey of what I'd like to call "accountable code" I plan on starting out with a 30 day challenge. The terms are simple, plan out a manageable attack strategy to start learning some web development basics and document every day for the next month of the progress that is made.

I hope that this in term can reiterate these concepts a second time and really hold me accountable for the duration of this time. I humbly understand that you can only learn so much in a given time frame but let's see together how far 'accountable coding' can go! I would love to interact with all of you as much as possible so if you have any pro tips or just want to talk, leave me a comment! Welp I'm off to start! See you folks tomorrow!


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Vitor Acacio

Hey, @nerdeye ! How's this journey going for you? I just started a 30DaysofCode a couple of days ago. Would be interesting to learn about your experience with it

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nerdeye Author • Edited

Hi Vitor! I’ve been spending a good bit of time learning how others have learned code and mapping out a game plan of things to study while I study web dev. It’s been tough constantly keeping up with consistency but I’m just now starting to gain some traction and momentum.
How’s your start to this challenge been going?