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How did you overcome imposter syndrome?

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People who are new to programming often have this feeling. So, if you had it at one stage of your programming career/life, how did you faced it or defeated it at all?

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Hi, i like to challenge myself often. It's how I overpass imposter syndrom

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Jorge Marquez

Just think that nobody is like you. Is just like any code, you can get it to run in different ways, no need to think is better or worst than others, it's just different and the final result is what matters

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Ruth Evans

I had this feeling in my first job until I realised everyone I worked with was an "imposter"

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I haven't found anything that really works personally. I've had it my whole life and I'm in my late 30s. Trying to learn programming recently has only made it worse. Some people can overcome it or manage it and maybe others not so much? It is something being discussed and many people can relate to it so i guess those are good things. Best of luck to you.

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Nepali Lab

Wow. This is an incredibly helpful advice.

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