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How to manage your cheatsheets?

TL;DR; launching on 2022 March 4th

Recently i've started my Year of Hustle. I was trying to come up with something worthwhile for my first mini-projects.

I thought to myself:

I know i'll create some cheat sheets for Elixir/Phoenix/Liveview

And as any good lazy programmer i've went on to google and searched:

Cheat sheet generator

To my horror there are no tools out there that are easy to use or don't require a sign up before even trying anything.

So i've decided to make it myself as my first project, hence was born.

While doing it i've realized something. I've been missing a place to manage all my cheat sheets. They're all over the place. And for the few that I have printed I feel like i could make them a bit better.


  • Hide some cards that i've memorised.
  • Rearange the cards so i have the most importants ones on the first page
  • Add more cards from other cheat sheets so that i would have the information i need the most

And while printing is the main focus, i've though about, wouldn't it be nice to have all those sheets in once place, where i can sort/search/combine them reprint them.

Hence i'm setting out on a journey to create this tool.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any suggestions or any comment please let me know!

And if this sounds like an app you'd like to use please sign up at

Have a nice day!

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