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Discussion on: Tailwind is bad because i don't like it

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Mykolas Mankevicius Author

But what you have done here is move the goalpost.

Neither me nor Brian talked about using external themes/components.

And i still think this is just as difficult with themes/components. Because you have to understand/find the classes. And while it's fine for something like button. It becomes much more difficult to manage, the more custom things you want with the theme/template/components.

At least with jetstream you can see all the components and see how their styles need to change.
Also you know you can search within specific folders right?
What I would do in this case is change the -red- with -primary-. Jetstream doesn't have that many components.
And then if you add another package you do the same change there.

What you do not do is change the meaning of -red- or -maroon-.

You say just change .btn.btn-primary why is that better than just change XButton.vue component.