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Why Choose Node.js for your next Web Application Development Project?

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The increase in the number of websites could only mean that the demand for web app development will certainly soar in the years to come. While developing a web app, the key factor is efficiency. The longer the project takes, the more costly it essentially becomes. Node.js is one of the most popular cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environments to build scalable and efficient REST APIs, mobile apps, desktop applications, and even IoT-based products.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is not a framework or a library, but a runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that helps in the execution of JavaScript code server-side. Moreover, it operates on a single-threaded event-based loop to make all executions non-blocking. The technology was first introduced back in 2009 by Ryan Dahl.

Here are some facts:

1.Node.js is an open-source source atmosphere
2.Node.js is free
3.Node.js runs on different platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux)
4.Node.js uses JavaScript on the server
5.3.5 million+ developers work with Node.js
6.80% of developers have 3+ years of experience in Node.js
7.500k downloads daily on an average
8.What is Node.js commonly used for?

Node.js is used for projects that actively use JavaScript on the front and backend of the project. Here are the most common areas where Node.js can be used:

. Static file server
. Micro-services
. Scripting & Automation
. Web Application framework
. Complex SPA’s (Single page apps)
. Real-time Chat apps
. Data Streaming apps
. Embedded systems
. Command-line apps
. Browser games Hardware programming

After its initial release in the year 2009, Node.JS has had its share of highs and lows. But, the developer’s community has striven to make it what it is now, one of the best web, app, and cross-platform development environment.

Let’s check the reasons why it’s high time to invest in Node.js for web app development: https://blog.neoito.com/node-js-web-development/

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