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20 Awesome React Component libraries to try in 2021

React js is one of the most famous, open-source frontend technology used in developing the single page application. One of the main factor of ReactJS’s popularity is its React components libraries. When it comes to creating modern React applications, these component libraries save the ample of time and effort. They have various pre-build components such as buttons, form input, icons, pagination, loader, menu, modal, date and time picker etc. By using these React component libraries, developers can create mind-blowing user interfaces and modern web designs for web and mobile apps.

So without wasting much time. let's begin!

1) React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap
website: React Bootstrap

2) Material UI React

material UI
website: Materil UI

3) React Router

react router
website: React Router

4) Ant Design React

Ant design react
website: Ant Design React

5) Rebass

website: Rebass

6) Semantic UI React

Alt Text
website: Semantic UI React

7) React Motion

React Motion is an animation library for React applications that makes it easy to create and implement realistic animations.
website: React Motion
You can create the animation like this...
Alt Textsource

8) React Hook Form

Alt Text
website: React Hook Form

9) Redux

Alt Text
website: Redux

10) React 360

React 360 is a framework for the creation of interactive 360 experiences that run in your web browser.
To know a bit more about it visit the below git repo

11) FABRICS React

Alt Text
website: Fabrics React

12) React Virtualized

Alt Text
website: React Virtualized

13) React Desktop

Alt Text
website: React Desktop

14) Chakra UI

Alt Text
website: Chakra UI

15) React Final Form

Alt Text
website: React Final Form

16) Styled Components

Alt Text
website: Styled Components

17) Onsen UI

Alt Text
website: Onsen UI

18) React Admin

Alt Text
website: React Admin

19) React Suit

Alt Text
website: React Suit

20) React Toolbox

Alt Text
website:React Toolbox

Hope you got something new from this article. Thank You :)

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nice collection.
some of them are new for me.