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Discussion on: How to create your own custom URL shortener in 10 minutes for free & deploy to GitHub 🚀

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nelsonvassalo • Edited on

Hi, I might be missing something but how does the shortener work after instalaltion and deployment? Because I only see my shortener attached to my URL as an hash. I though the purpose was to have something like redirect to my site and instead I get the whole URL, like Am I misunderstanding the concept? Thanks

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Liyas Thomas Author • Edited on

Concept is to map one custom (and preferably a short domain like, etc) URL say to

That's pretty much all about a URL shorter.

You can make your URL shortener like after moving contents from src to root of your hosting site to remove mnmlurl/src extension from your domain. For hosting in such custom domains, Its advised to npm build and upload output folder. Hosting on GitHub pages was just for proof of concept.

Shortened URL is a branded one and users can easily get what this URL is for. Sites like Twitter have a character limit on posts that wont allow users to post long URLs. So URLs must be short and concise.