Is there anywhere to propose new JavaScript features other than es-discuss?

nektro profile image Meghan Denny ・1 min read

I always found it interesting that the group spear-heading the progressiveness of the web into the future still uses email as its main contact medium.

Aside: I had this idea along the idea of 'use strict' where a dev could use 'use js 2015' or something similar to tell JS runtimes that the program was requiring a VM that was capable of a minimum JS environment of what they specified as a rudimentary way to add version metadata to JS files. Thoughts?


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I was fortunate enough to attend a browser spec meetup with reps from Apple, Google, Windows, Mozilla where they discussed the spec and took questions. While everyone pretty approachable and nice, all the questions were pretty esoteric and in-crowdy. I thought allowing the conversation to be dominated by only the power-users of these features was not ideal for anyone.

I find the continued use of email for these discussions to be another example of exclusionary to the detriment of the group. Email is a standard that is technically inclusive, but simply not built to serve this use case anymore, and exclusive in the sense that there is high barrier to entry to have any idea what is going on.

I'm also not really sure if there is an ideal alternative. There are drawbacks to each approach.